Water Primrose Control

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Water Primrose Control

A customer recently contacted us regarding lake weed control. Below is her question and our response. 



I have property on Lay Lake (Coosa River) in Alabama. As you will see in the picture attached. I have a huge problem with weed growth along my shore line. I would appreciate you identifying them and offering a suggestion for product usage to destroy and prevent future growth. Thank- you for your assistance in the matter. 


Your photo appears to be Water Primrose.

Aquacide Pellets are an excellent systemic option that is best applied early spring as new growth begins to appear. Apply at the rate of 8-10 lbs. per 2,500 sq. ft. (50' x 50'). Repeat treatment 3-5 weeks after the first application if weeds begin to show signs of recovery. 

Shore-Klear Liquid is an excellent systemic option best applied mid-season when foliage is above water surface and the weeds are in full bloom. 5 oz. of Shore-Klear Liquid mixed with 2.5 gallons of water and topped with 3 oz. of Cygnet Plus Liquid will treat 2,500 sq. ft. Again, repeat treatment may be needed to kill the entire root system.


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