Q & A - What is the Best Way to Reduce Floating Bogs & Water Lilies?

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Floating Bog

A customer recently contacted us regarding weed & bog control. Below is the question and our response.


Hello, I have a 30 acre pond with Water Lilies and floating bogs. What is the best product to reduce or eliminate these and how would I apply it. Thanks.

MK, Wauwatosa, WI


Aquacide Pellets are an excellent systemic option for early Spring control of Water Lilies. For best results, apply when new pads begin to rise to the water surface at the rate of 10 lbs. per 2,500 sq. ft. (50’ x 50’). Repeat treatment 3-5 weeks after the first application if weeds show signs of recovery.

AquaNeat/Shore-Klear Liquid is a second systemic option for mid-season control of Water Lilies.  For best results, apply when all pads are at the water surface and weeds are in full bloom.  Mix 2 oz. of AquaNeat/Shore-Klear Liquid with enough water to make 1 gallon of solution and top with 1 oz. of Cygnet Plus Liquid.  One gallon of solution will treat 1,000 sq. ft. (100' x 10').  Again, repeat treatment 3-5 weeks after the first application if weeds show signs of recovery.

AquaClear Liquid is a natural, beneficial bacteria designed to consume decayed vegetation and break down bogs. For best results, mix with water and begin spraying when the water temperature rises above 40 degrees. Repeat treatment weekly.

Please feel free to e-mail me or post questions you may have and I will respond accordingly.

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