Aquatic Weed Control: 2 Ways to Kill Water Chestnut

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Water Chestnut Kill
Water Chestnut
rapa natans) is an annual aquatic weed found mainly in the northeastern United States. Water Chestnut has triangular or diamond-shaped leaves with toothed edges. The leaves cluster in floating rosettes attached to an inflated spongy central stem. Rosettes have small, white 4-petaled, flowers and may produce up to 20 seeds. Each seed has four sharply pointed spines. Seeds fall from the weed, overwinter at the bottom and germinate in spring as weather warms. Water Chestnut grows primarily in mucky, nutrient rich water in up to 5 foot depths.

One acre of Water Chestnut can spread to 100 acres within one year. Water Chestnut will often dominate ponds, shallow lakes and rivers. This aggressive weed can be very expensive and difficult to control.

Water Chestnut is of little value to wildlife or fish and will eliminate most recreational activities, including swimming, fishing and boating. The rapid growth of Water Chestnut will also drive out native plants.

Control methods:

1)  Water Chestnut roots are very shallow and easily pulled by raking with Water Weed Rake or Weed Raker. To reduce reproduction, remove weeds early summer prior to seed.

2)  Aquacide Pellets are a good systemic control option, especially when applied early, prior to seed. Best applied early spring as new growth begins to appear. Aquacide Pellets can be used for spot treatment or treatment of the entire pond.

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