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Aquatic Weed Control: 3 Ways To Kill Reed Grass

Published by Jamie Markoe on December 20, 2013 0 Comments

Reed GrassReed Grass (Phragmites) is a large, emersed, perennial grass that grows in shallow waters of marshes, creeks, ponds and lakes. Common Reed Grass can grow up to 20 feet tall dense clumps from rhizomes. A round, hollow stem has leaves that are 10 inches long and 1-2 inches wide. Loose, beige, flower spikes have plume-like tufts of seeds with silky hair.  Seeds drop in the fall and germinate in spring on wetland soil.  Most vegetation spreads from creeping rhizomes.  There is no known biological control option.

Control methods:

1)  Weed raking and weed cutting is an option for seed and root reduction. Mowing often will reduce Reed Grass growth and encourage native plants.  These methods can be difficult because new weeds can sprout from seeds and root fragments left behind.

2)  Aqua Neat Liquid and Shore-Klear Liquid are a second systemic option best applied mid-season when all the weeds are above the water surface and in full bloom. Again, repeat treatment 3-5 weeks after the first application may be needed to kill the entire root system.

3)  Weedtrine-D Liquid is a fast-acting contact option best applied any time good contact can be made both under and above the water surface.

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