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Q & A - Do You Sell a Product for Salvinia Control?

Published by Jamie Markoe on January 07, 2014 0 Comments


A customer recently contacted us regarding Salvinia (kariba weed) control. Below is the question and our response.


Does your company sell a product that kills Salvinia (kariba weed)?


Salvinia, is a small floating fern with “spherical leaves” heart shaped at the base. Leaves are arranged along a common stem. Each bright green leaf is ½” long, has hair on both sides and has a distinct mid-rib that often appears folded along its axis. Salvinia reproduces by stem fragments. It is normally found in still or slow-moving waters, marshes, ditches and ponds. Native to Mexico and South America, it has become introduced in much of the southern United States, primarily Florida and Texas.

Three good options include:

Restore Liquid is a systemic aquatic herbicide that is best applied early spring as new weeds begin to appear. Restore Liquid must be applied to an enclosed pond or a minimum of 5 acres. Normally, one 3-part treatment is all you need. To confirm proper application rate, the length, width and maximum depth of the treatment area is needed.

Weedtrine-D Liquid is a fast-acting contact option that can be used for spot treatment or treatment of an entire pond. For best results, mix 15 oz. of Weedtrine-D Liquid with enough water to make 3 gallons of solution and top with 3 oz. of Cygnet Plus Liquid (surfactant). Three gallons of solution will treat 1,000 sq. ft. (100’ x 10’) one time. Repeat treatment may be needed to make good contact with all the small particles.

Salvinia thrives in a calm, nutrient filled area. If the nutrient level can be reduced, the amount of new Salvinia should be significantly reduced. AquaClear Pellets are a natural, beneficial bacteria, designed to strip nutrients from the water. For best results, apply AquaClear Pellets weekly for a minimum of 4 weeks.

Please feel free to e-mail me or post questions you may have and I will respond accordingly.

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