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How to Clean a Pond Pond Cleaning

Pond Cleaning

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Lake fronts and often ponds become very murky during the spring and early summer season. After a long winter with no filtration, the ponds generally gather fine particles that float on the water as well as more muck and sludge at the bottom, thereby causing murky brown cloudy water. These fine floating particles are usually small enough that they can pass through a number of pond filters so that the water in the pond can remain cloudy for some time.

Pond cleaning is not a hassle-free process. If you practice it step by step using fair solutions, you can clean your pond easily and keep it murk free for a good time period.

are solutions to clean pond water: 

  1. Skimming to clean floating debris:

The floating surface debris is the very first thing that any person observes while beginning with the process of pond cleaning. This is also the very first step and very first solution to your process of cleaning the pond. Remove as much floating debris as is possible before cleaning the pond liner. This is important because if you do not remove the debris, you would only be cleaning the pond partially. All kinds of floating debris in the pond include substances such as dead insects, twigs, leaves, sticks as well as larvae. All the debris could be either removed the way of a basic pond net or you can also make the use of an automatic skimmer available in the market. 

  1. Cleaning using a vacuum:

This is a very good method of pond cleaning, especially if you are wanting to clean the floor of the pond. This process can help you to combat the bottom sludge present in the pond. You can reduce most of the sludge using this process so that the pond becomes a healthy home for your fish. This process may require draining the pond, however, it is only important if you are removing the sludge using a rake or a net. Invest in a good quality water vacuum and you can easily clean the bottom of the pond liner without actually draining the water. Always choose the model which can keep the suction at good depths and which has an extendable handle to give you an easy cleaning experience. 

  1. Beneficial bacteria:

Supplement the pond using a beneficial bacteria product, AquaClear Pellets for bottom muck and AquaClear Liquid for the floating finer particle debris.  These help to break down any kind of lingering waste that has been prevailing after the two methods or processes have been performed. Most of the treatments make the use of highly concentrated bacteria that is easily able to break down the organic matter present in the pond. This is a vital part of pond cleaning. 

  1. Removal of algae:

Algae is not a technical waste that rests in the pond, however, the cleaning of it is very important as it intrudes with the overall quality of water and also increases the buildup of sludge. You don’t have to necessarily drain a pond in order to combat algae. Make the use of a pond vacuum. Another method which is even better is the installation of a UV clarifier that helps to filter the water and destroy the algae at a cellular level.  You can also use fast acting to eliminate the algae very quickly. 

  1. Optimizing water filtration:

This one is the final thing that you must do while cleaning your pond. Make sure that water filtration is performing its best so as to reduce future cleaning and maintenance. Install a healthy biological filtration system your pond as it is going to have issues with the quality of water. Also, use a filter having an efficient mechanical media that would reduce overall debris present in the pond.

 Follow these methods/steps for an easy pond cleaning experience.

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Though I haven't purchase of the Aquacide pellets (due to winter), the package I used last summer worked very well. Looking forward to controlling more of our pond weeds in 2018. I'm not sure how long the pellets work (one season or more) but we'll find out come spring. Thanks for the excellent service.

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