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Pond & Lake Weed Control

you recommended Aquacide Pellets to my weeds that were taking over our pond.  Well, it took a little time, but I’m happy to say the weeds are completely gone, just as you said they would be.  Thank you for your expertise and for the prompt service your company provided…”

K.B., Lawrenceburg, IN

A customer recently contacted us regarding the control of emersed weeds and grasses before they reach the surface of the water. Below is his question and a response.



 Is there any product that kills emersed weeds BEFORE they grow above the water?  My objective is to not have anything visually growing above water.  So waiting until they grow to apply the herbicide in late season doesn't help accomplish my objective.



 We do offer pre-emergent aquatic herbicides for treating SOME types of emergent weeds.  The Aquacide Pellets will work on growing weeds that have yet to hit the surface of the water.  Aquacide Pellets work best early season as new weeds begin actively growing.  Repeat treatment is normally needed to kill the entire root system.   Aquacide Pellets are a broadleaf herbicide and will not work for all types.  

To confirm what you have growing, Pull a sample, spread it out on a paper towel, include a recognizable coin, take a close-up photo and email it to us at; or put the sample in a zip-lock baggie and mail it to us.  You may also want to check with neighbors or the local county extension, as they may have an idea as to what you have growing in your area.

Read what our customers have to say about our products:

Review for AquaClear Pellets

“This product works great in my pond. I have a small 1/2 acre pond and use this every year. Keeps the water clean and removes most of the smell from the bottom muck. I highly recommend this product".

Sally K.


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