Aquatic Herbicides: How Much do I Need to Apply?

Aquatic Herbicide

“I followed your directions and I’ve gotten perfect results.  Nothing in the water to prevent my fishing line from going where I want it to.  Thank you again so much for the excellent product!”

B.T., Hot Springs, AR


Lake  & Pond Chemical Application, Q&A Series


Over the next few weeks I will be posting a series of Questions & Answers from the recent email correspondence from customers.

Question #6

I have Aquacide Pellets for Water Willow, AquaClear Pellets and Cutrine-Plus Liquid for algae,   how much do I apply?  We live on the finger of a lake and know that I will probably have to reach over to my neighbor's bank or his problem will spread over to my side. 


Answer #6

10 lbs. of Aquacide Pellets will treat a 50 foot x 25 foot area 2 times for the Water Willow

A gallon of Cutrine-Plus Liquid is applied over a volume of water (as opposed to the surface area with the pellets).  One gallon will treat 1/2 acre (150 feet x 150 feet) with a maximum depth of 6 feet.

10 lbs. of AquaClear Pellets will treat a 50 foot x 80 foot area 5 times to reduce muck.  (Remember the AquaClear Pellets can breakdown the Aquacide Pellets as well as the muck so wait three weeks after the Aquacide Pellets before applying AquaClear Pellets)

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“Works great as stated, thanks so much!!!!!".

- Gary H.


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