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Water Lily & Iris Control

We have been spraying with expensive herbicides for years…finally we found Aquacide.  It took 2 years to rid our pond of weeds…they have not returned in 4 years since our last treatment.  IT WORKS!!”

B.V., Roff OK

Over the next few weeks I will be posting a series of Questions & Answers from the recent email correspondence of our customers.

Question #4

Along with our Water Willow, we do have some pretty "Elephant Ears" and Irises that line our lake what product will kill these?


Answer #4

Aquacide Pellets is a systemic option for Water Willow and Elephant Ear.  It may also do some damage to Water Iris if you apply them heavily to the growing area. Apply early spring at the first sign of new growth.  Repeat treatment will be needed to kill the entire root system.

Shore-Klear Liquid is a second systemic option for all three weeds.  Apply mid season when weeds are actively growing and in full bloom. Repeat treatment may be needed if weeds begin to show signs of recovery. 


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Review for AquaClear Pellets

As always, the AquaClear pellets work fantastic and customer service is excellent. Very quick delivery as well!".

James R .




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