Hydrilla Control: 4 Ways To Kill Hydrilla!

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Hydrilla Control


forms dense mats of vegetation that can interfere with aquatic recreation and destroy fish and wildlife habitat.  can spread in a variety of reproduction by fragmentation, seeds, tubers, as well as buds which is overwintering of buds. One square meter of can produce up to 5,000 tubers. Once established, it readily spreads by waterfowl and boating activities.   It can very quickly take over a lake or pond if left unattended.


As with most lake weeds, there are four main methods for eradication of Hydrilla, water drawdown, physical removal, biological control with “grass eating carp” or , as well as chemical treatment.

  1. If possible a water drawdown combined with physical removal of dead vegetation is a good method to start with and that may be all that is needed. 
  2. The second option is “grass eating carp”.  Find more information online or through your local game and fish or county extension agency.
  3. If water drawdown is not an option chemical treatment is a safe and effective alternative.
  4. If infestation is thickrake out or break up mats of the weeds before applying herbicide.  Rake out again when weeds have died.

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