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Aquatic Weed Killer and Applying Aquatic Herbicides

Published by Jamie Markoe on March 12, 2019 0 Comments

Aquatic Weed Killer Products

“You have the easiest and quickest order system of any company I have ever used.  Thank you for making this so easy. You have a fabulous product and great customer service.”

F.R.,  Bismarck, ND

Over the next few weeks we will be posting a series of Questions & Answers from past email correspondence from customers.

Question #3:

- What do we use to apply the products we just ordered?  Our neighbor uses a Green Thumb bottle sprayer for one of the products.

Answer #3 

Pellets can only applied by hand in a fanning motion

  1. The key is to applying Aquacide Pellets is to spread when weeds begin actively growing.
  2. The key to applying AquaClear Pellets is to spread 3 weeks after application any herbicide used.
  3. The key to applying Clear-Pond Pellets is to spread over the entire pond at the beginning or end of the season.


Granular products are best-applied with a crank spreader.

 The key is to spread granules on a calm sunny day when weeds are 12-14” tall and water temperate is 65 degrees or warmer.


Liquid products are best mixed with water and sprayed with a tank sprayer. 

The key is to spray on a calm sunny day when good contact with foliage can be made.

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“The Shore-Klear liquid has worked very well for us. I highly recommend".

- Michael P.


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