Water Weed Control: 6 Tips for the Upcoming Season

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Water Weed Control

“Just letting you know this treatment did the trick! Thanks.”

W.B., Gilford, NH

Cut and rake dead vegetation from your beachfront, dead Cattails, Reeds, and dormant underwater weeds all within reach.

  1. With the foliage cleared, all that’s left is “muck”.  Rake your lake or pond on a regular basis, ideally once or twice a week.  (We also carry AquaClear Pellets to help speed up this process.)
  2. The next step is to identify the weeds and algae remnants from last season to prepare for spring herbicide treatment.  See "Weed Information" page for great pictures and descriptions of the most common and invasive lake weeds and algae.
  3. Discuss a game plan with your neighbors for the upcoming season.  There are multiple options: physical removal, mechanical cutting, biological control (grass eating carp), water draw down and aquatic weed killer. Now is the time to plan, the more neighbors involved, the larger the treatment area, the longer time between treatments.
  4. Contact us with any questions you or your neighbors may have.  Remember, Summer is just around the corner.
  5. Once you have a game plan for the season, contact your local county extension service, as public water usually requires an application permit


Read what our customers have to say about our products:

Review for Aqua Neat Liquid

“Good success on Cattails. Did not work on bull rushes".

- Linda W.


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