How to Get rid of Weeds in the Lake and Control Pond Weeds

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 Get Rid of Pond Weeds

“This is my second year using your product. This year the weeds were so thick I was worried our grandchildren would never to into the lake. We applied your products and within a week or so the weeds were almost gone! Thank you for a summer of fun at the lake.”

- N. C., Lake Hopatcong NJ


Help!  How Do I control my lake weeds and improve my lakefront!

Aquacide Company is your go to place of products and assistance!

Aquacide Company offers a wide range of products for lake and pond front property improvements. We consult with thousands of people just like you on an annual basis who need help.


The Aquacide Company is family owned and operated and has been the industry leader in lake weed control since 1956.  Aquacide Company offers aquatic weed control products and solutions nationwide.


If you have lake or pond front property, weeds are inevitable - subscribe to our blog for tips and advice for analyzing weeds, controlling lake weeds and for upcoming specials on our products and services that help clean up your beachfront and enjoy the summer that is fast approaching. 

Email or post questions you may have and we will respond promptly.

Read what our customers have to say about our products:

Review for AquaClear Liquid

“Works great as stated, thanks so much!!!!! ".

- Gary H.


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