Bladderwort Identification & Bladderwort Control Options (Updated)

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Bladderwort Control

Bladderwort is a free-floating, fresh water, carnivorous lake weed with over 200 species located throughout the world. Bladderwort is usually found in quiet, shallow, bog-like acidic waters. The main stem has 4-10 delicately branched lateral leaves that give it a very lacy appearance. The main part of the weed lies beneath the surface and will go unnoticed until it rises to the surface in the late Spring early Summer. Once at the water surface the weed sends up small attractive yellow flower. This flower has lip-like petals that resemble Snapdragons.

Bladderwort is named for its tiny bladder-like structures located throughout its branched underwater leaves. These bladder-like vacuum traps catch tiny aquatic animals (protozoa, water fleas & mosquito larvae) by sucking the prey into the bladders.

Bladderwort reproduces from small round buds (turions) that form at the weed tip in the fall.

Control methods:


1) Hand pulling, weed raking or weed cutting.

2) Stocking with grass carp to consume Bladderwort. For best results, apply 7-15 grass carp per surface acre depending on the quantity of Bladderwort. Results seldom appear until the second season.

Harvester Liquid

3) Harvester Liquid is a fast-acting, diquat based, aquatic herbicide that will quickly kill the foliage it touches. This option can be used for spot treatment or treatment of the entire pond.

Aquacide Pellets

4) Aquacide Pellets and Fluridone are aquatic weed killers that will affect the entire weed. These systemic options are best applied early spring as new submersed weeds begin to appear and are still on the bottom. Aquacide Pellets are a 2,4-D based option that can be used for spot treatment or treatment of the entire pond. Fluridone Liquid is an option that must be applied to the entire pond or a minimum of 5 acres, and is not recommended for spot treatment.

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