A Fast Acting Broad Spectrum Weed & Algae Control Option for Small Ponds or Lake Frontage (Updated)

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Harvester Liquid A recent inquiry came in regarding weed & algae control. Below is the question and answer from Aquacide Company.


I have 2 ponds with a couple of types of vegetation and some algae growing in them. Nothing invasive, just native species, but they are getting a bit out of control. What do you recommend for general treatment for each of these situations? The ponds are cold, very clear water, 1-3 ft deep and about 20’ x 20’ in size. Fish, frogs and kids spend lots of time in them. Thank you.

EE, Jackson, WY


Harvester Liquid is a fast-acting contact aquatic herbicide that will affect most weeds and algae it makes good contact with. Harvester Liquid can be used anytime good contact with actively growing weeds and or algae can be made and it will not harm fish, frogs or kids!

A 20’ x 20’ pond with a maximum 3’ depth is 400 sq. ft. with an average 2’ depth and would require 3-4 oz. of Harvester per treatment. For best results, mix 3-4 oz. of Harvester Liquid with enough water to make ½ gallon of solution and top with 1 oz. of Cygnet-Plus Liquid , a non-ionic surfactant (it helps the Harvester stick to the foliage). ½ gallon of solution will treat your pond one time. Repeat treatment may be needed to make good contact with all the foliage.  Apply on a calm sunny morning with no rain in the forecast for a minimum six hours, twenty four hours is idea.

Aquaclear Pellets

AquaClear Pellets are a second option that are a natural, beneficial bacteria.  This option will not kill anything but will strip nutrients from the pond that weeds and algae thrive on.  By reducing the nutrient level the amount of new growth should be significantly reduced.  Your 20' x 20' pond would require 1/4 lb. (50 pellets) of AquaClear Pellets per treatment.  This will also improve water clarity and dissolve any "muck" / dead organic debris that has built up at the bottom and through the water column over the years.  Apply for a minimum of 4 weeks or until desired water quality is achieved.  These products are safe to use in conjunction with each other and many customers find it a great combination for long term success of improving all aspects of the pond or lakefront.  Click the link here to read more about the AquaClear Pellets.

Please feel free to e-mail me at Tom@KillLakeWeeds.com or post questions you may have and I will respond accordingly.  You can call to speak with a rep as well.  1-800-328-9350

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Review for AquaClear Liquid

“ Works great as stated, thanks so much!!!!!"

- Gary H.


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