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Aquatic Weed Control: 4 Fish Safe Pondweed Treatment Tips

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() is a water weed found throughout the world with an estimated 90 species.  Leaves are submersed, typically thin and translucent.  Some varieties have floating leaves on the water surface.  They grow in water depths 1-10 feet and can tolerate low light.  Strong roots anchor the weeds into sediment.  in the fall from (buds) on the lake or pond bottom.  These young weeds remain alive under the ice all winter.  Early summer, Pondweed begins to grow and flowers appear like clusters of beads.  Some of these bead clusters spike above the water surface.  These spikes release pollen that other weeds. ...

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Aquatic Weed Control: 2 Ways to Kill False Loosestrife

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False Loosestrife (Ludwigia palustris) is a perennial commonly found throughout the Upper Midwest along the muddy shores of freshwater streams, rivers and ponds. It has lance-shaped leaves ½ to 2-½” long, both floating and submersed.  Leaves can be alternate or oppositely attached with smooth toothless edges that taper at the tip.  Roots form in the stem joints.  It has a small inconspicuous 4-sided flower in the leaf axils that bloom in August through September. False Loosestrife reproduces from seed. Control methods: 1)  Physical removal.  Easily pulled by weed raking or cutting with Water Weed Rake, Weed Raker or Weed Razer. To reduce...

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Aquatic Weed Control: 2 Chemicals What Will Kill American Lotus

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American Lotus (Nelumbo lutea) is commonly known as duck acorn or water nut. American Lotus is a perennial weed that have floating circular leaves 1-3 feet wide, with stems attached to the center of the leaf underside. Young weeds float flat on the water surface, mature leaves rise above the water surface. American Lotus is similar in appearance to Water Lilies, but without a slit in the leaf. It has a solitary large pale yellow 20 petal flower with a cone-shaped seed pod in the flower center similar in appearance to a American Lotus will reproduce from seed and rhizomes....

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Q & A - Can I purchase a small amount of Aquathol Super K?

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A customer recently contacted us regarding Aquathol Super K Granular. Below is the question and our response. Question: Can I purchase 5 lbs. of Aquathol Super K Granular and if so how much is it? I only have an area 40’ x 100’ to treat. KS, Kaukauna, WI Answer: All aquatic herbicides must be labeled according to E.P.A. regulations. Aquathol Super K Granular is packaged and labeled for sale in 10 lb. 2X10 and 4X10 lb. bags. To repackage in a 5 lb. pail would violate E.P.A. regulations. Aquathol Super K Granular is a fast-acting contact aquatic weed control option that simply kills the...

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Aquatic Weed Control: 3 Ways to Kill Water Pennywort

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Water Pennywort (Hydrocotyle umbellata) is a very common perennial aquatic weed that will form dense mats that creep along shorelines of ponds, lakes and marshes. It has bright green round leaves that alternate on a long stem. These circular leaves are typically the size of a half dollar.  Long stems are attached at center of each leaf. Water Pennywort has delicate clusters of tiny 5-petaled white flowers. It reproduces from seed or roots. There is no known biological method of control. 3 control methods: 1)  Physical removal is an option for seed and root reduction. This method can be difficult...

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