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Water Hyacinth Treatment: 3 Options

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Invasion of Pretty Purple Flower.

That pretty plant flowering in your pond may be an invasive pond weed!  It seems so healthy and abundant, yet you can’t remember planting it there. Water Hyacinth is sold in nurseries but will easily spread from ornamental ponds to adjoining wetlands.

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Lake Weed Control: The Attack of Giant Salvinia

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Just like the 1958 science fiction classic movie “The Blob”, Giant Salvinia burst onto the scene in the United States, becoming one of the world’s worst invasive aquatic plants.  In 1998 Giant Salvinia was recognized as a U.S. problem when eradication was resisted near Houston, Texas. Giant Salvinia has an “explosive” growth rate and can easily double in size in just a few days. Native to Southern Brazil, Giant Salvinia is now found in India, South East Asia, Africa, New Guinea, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, New Zealand and a host of other countries including the United States. Biologists believe Giant Salvinia was...

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Lake Weed Control: Q&A Shoreline Clean-up

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A customer recently contacted us regarding lake weed control. Below is his question and our response. Question: I live on a fresh water lake, our beach is sand covered with a little mud.   It’s a gradual slope out about 200’ to a depth of 15’...I have used Aquacide Pellets before with some success but my question is if there is a product I can apply now while the lake is out that will kill the weed roots?  The lake is all the way out and the bottom is exposed.  Not frozen,  just damp? Answer:  There are two main types of aquatic weed...

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