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Healthy Pond: I Have "Jelly Balls" In My Pond!

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"Jelly Balls" are not found in every are more common than most people realize.  These gelatinous balls to rocks or sticks on the pond can break loose and float on the water surface. These "Jelly Balls" are a primitive colonial invertebrate known as (common name is moss animals).  They are firm and slimy to the touch and can range from golf ball to basketball size. They are not fish or frog eggs, a form of algae or lake bacteria. Even though they appear to be something out of a science fiction movie or from outer space, they are completely harmless to you and...

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Pond Care : Fertilize or Not to Fertilize?

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Fertilization is done to improve the quality of fish growth.  In the United States, fertilization has been used extensively since 1925 as a means for increasing pond productivity. Applying proper pond fertilizer to a lake has the same effect as fertilizing your garden, it increases production.  Research has proven that pounds of fish produced may be increased 300 percent or more by proper fertilization.  How does this happen?   Pond fertilizer increases the small green algae called phytoplankton.  Phytoplankton is eaten by tiny insects called zooplankton. These little insects are eaten by your fish. The more food you produce from fertilization the...

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