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Aquatic Weed Control: Rid your beach of Invasive Fanwort (cabomba)

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An invasive aquatic plant known as fanwort is an exotic beautiful plant that poses significant threats to inland lakes. Fanwort is native to South America, it is a popular aquarium plant and is thought to have been brought to the United States through the aquarium trade.  It’s identified by intricate fan shaped leaves and white-pink floating flowers.  It is a highly aggressive and invasive plant that can rapidly force out native aquatic plants and readily form monocultures in depths up to 3 feet.  It is unknown how it spreads. There is one active ingredient know to be effective called furidone.  The...

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Aquatic Weed Control: Control Water Starwort

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Water Starwort are small delicate weeds usually found in shallow water.  It has fine stems that are 10 to 20 cm long with leaves opposite and arranged in pairs.  The submersed delicate leaves are a pale green and linear.  The upper leaves are rounded and crowded at the top forming a rosette that floats on the surface. Water Starwort reproduces by seed and stem fragments.  Ducks & other waterfowl feed on stems and fruit.  Weeds also produce food and shelter for fish and aquatic insects. Aquacide Pellets will help to control Water Starwort if applied early in the season when weeds...

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Aquatic Herbicides: An Annual Application Recommendation for Killing Weeds

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Question five in the Q+A Series deals with the recommended timing and annual schedule of aquatic weed control products for killing weeds, algae control, and a lake muck removal application.  Keep in mind each individual case is different.  Many situations will only call for one or possibly two of these applications, or possibly something all together separate from these three. Question #5- What would be my application schedule for this?  When do we begin?  How often? When do we stop?  In other words, what could I put on my yearly calendar to remind me to do this each year?  (Feel free to refer back to...

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